All-in-one Platform for Health, Connectivity and Pharma

This all-in-one platform, powered by Care2Talk, utilizes a locked-down tablet that is super simple, and purpose-built for seniors to connect face-to-face with their family, friends, and healthcare professionals. Family members can connect with their loved ones, book and virtually attend medical appointments, order prescriptions and access a variety of health care services.

Accessing the platform is just $45 per month. You can cancel anytime without penalty!

Our Health Platform Includes:

  • 8-inch tablet with fast charging dock
  • Unlimited calls, unlimited contacts for secure video calling
  • Telehealth visits with our family doctor
  • Medication review with our virtual pharmacist
  • Access to our growing team of healthcare professionals
  • Same day prescription delivery
  • Discount on wellness products
  • And much more

One doctor for the whole family

You and your entire family will have direct access to our dedicated family doctor, Dr. Naweed Ahmed, along with a team of healthcare professionals. Family members can attend these virtual visits and receive follow up notes directly from Dr. Ahmed through the Care2Talk app. Dr. Ahmed completed his training through the UBC Family Medicine Program in Victoria. He has a special interest in complex care geriatrics and mental health. In addition to his residency training, Dr. Ahmed has a Masters degree in Aging and Health from Queens University and has spent three years working in the department of psychiatry.


Purpose-built for seniors

Unlike regular smartphones and tablets, our tablets were created with seniors’ needs in mind, such as challenges with vision, hearing, cognition, mobility and much more. Your monthly subscription includes one of our purpose-built tablets that makes connecting easier:

  • One touch video calls to make reaching out simple
  • A closed, secure contact list to prevent scam calls
  • Large, easy buttons for clear navigation
  • Closed captioning for hearing challenges
  • 7 day battery life to reduce charging frequency
  • Notification reminders for family members to connect with the senior


Virtual Care Platform Benefits and Features

Care2Talk has revolutionized how seniors connect with their healthcare providers and loved ones by delivering the most accessible and intuitive communication and health platform.

Health Care & Health Service Delivery

Care2Talk provides a network of health care practitioners available to your and your family. Whether you need a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Pharmacist, our team is here to help. There’s no additional cost for this care as it is part of your provincial health coverage.

Staying Connected

Seniors face physical and mental challenges that can make it difficult to stay connected, access doctors and more. This can increase feelings of isolation and loneliness with negative health impacts. Care2Talk empowers seniors to get the care and connection they deserve.

Cognitive Health & Wellness

We’ve created a healthcare network on our platform, enabling seniors, their caregivers and family members to easily collaborate on care in-person and virtually. Our Care2Talk family is passionate about removing barriers for seniors to improve their lives while making it easier for caregivers to support them.

See What Customers Are Saying

Care2Talk has been life changing for us. My mom and I can talk or just hang out. It has made us both feel so much better and really is the next best thing since we cannot get together in person.


This app has been life-changing for our family, especially during covid, but with me living overseas it has also been such an awesome link to mom and dad.


I live in Toronto, and my mom lives on Vancouver Island, and she cannot manage a regular phone call. Without the app, I can only see her once a year when I can visit, but now I get to see her every week.


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