Top 7 Benefits of Home Based Care

Did you know that in-home health care isn’t just for the elderly? It’s a common misconception we hear all the time. In fact, in-home health care is for anyone who needs help at home due to health, mobility, or cognition changes and needs more care than their family or friends can provide. It can be temporary or long-term.

Home-based care allows individuals to remain in familiar surroundings while receiving individualized care from caregivers or home care nurses. We’ve seen patients heal faster at home than in a healthcare institution.

Here are the top seven benefits of home-based care:

1. Cost savings

It can be more cost-effective to have in-home health care rather than full-time care in a care home or hospital. With in-home care, you pay for the level of care you need.

Full-time care in a healthcare or supported living facility costs between $1,500 to $6,000 per month, depending on the home and any specialized health care you need. Bringing a caregiver into your home to provide as-needed care will cost between [$XXXX] depending on the hours required and care support needed.

2. Dignity

You can expect a higher level of dignity and respect when receiving in-home care. This comes in many forms:

  • Better communication: Your in-home health care aide or nurse won’t be distracted by other patients and can spend more time communicating with the patient and their families.
  • Less jargon: Often, to treat as many patients as possible, in-facility health care providers will use jargon more freely, easily confusing patients and their families. In-home care providers are dedicated to you and will ensure you understand everything (using less medical jargon).
  • No talking behind your back: In a busy hospital setting, health care workers will often talk about you and your care to other care providers. This isn’t always done with privacy or consideration in mind. Healthcare providers often joke or make fun of patients, not knowing that the patient or their families can hear them. When your health care aid comes into your home, there’s no chance of them talking behind your back. They are dedicated to your care, no matter what you need.
  • Socialization: In busy in-facility health care centres, there isn’t much time for chit-chat and human conversations. It’s usually all about patient medical care. However, a big part of healing is the socialization aspect. There are specialized in-home care services that are focused on companionship and conversation. These include wellness checks in person, over the phone, or via video call.

3. Releases your “burden” of care

If you’ve ever been the health caregiver for a friend or family member, you know the burden this puts on you. You’re may be ok with this responsibility, but if you’re the only one able to provide this care, you may feel that you can’t take a break, vacation, or go too far from the patient in case they need you.

You’ll feel a weight lifted when you hire an in-home health care provider. You can hire someone full or part-time, giving you peace of mind knowing that someone friendly and qualified is caring for your friend or relative.

4. Provides a personalized care plan

When you’re receiving care in a hospital or care facility, you are, more often than not, just a number with a schedule of medical procedures and medications. In some busy care facilities, you may be triaged and not receive the care you need if a neighbouring patient has a more urgent need.

With an in-home caregiver, you have their 100% focus and attention while they are in your home. They can create a more personalized care plan and execute it without the distraction of other patients.

Also, you can often get a home-care aid who can help you with other tasks around the home, too, not just patient medical care. They can help with basic chores around your house or even cooking and nutritional support.

5. Safer healing environment

In a multi-patient healthcare facility, illness and infections are easily and quickly spread. During COVID, this was a huge concern, especially for the elderly or the immunocompromised.

When healing or receiving home health care, you minimize your risk of infections from other patients and caregivers.

6. Wellbeing checks

Some people we talk to are under the misconception that in-home medical care is only for the severely ill who need around-the-clock medical care. In fact, in-home care can be as simple and non-intrusive as a well-being or wellness visit or phone call. It can also be as comprehensive as 24-7 care or companionship, if that’s what you need.

Wellbeing checks can be a great help when you are the sole caregiver for an ill or incapacitated friend or family member who needs a break or will be away for an extended period. You can hire a home health care support worker to call or visit the patient to provide a wellness check. These are great to check to see if they’ve been taking their pills, following their healthcare plan, and are in good health. Sometimes these calls are more of a socialization visit, which is also an important part of healing.

7. Improves overall wellbeing

For the elderly, there is a term known as “aging in place.” It’s when you can stay in your own home as long as possible before you need more advanced care in a healthcare facility. Receiving your medical care at home helps you keep your independence longer, enhancing your overall well-being.

This applies to home care for any age. We all crave independence and the freedom to live a “normal” life at home. When you have an in-home caregiver helping you, you can keep the independence of living at home.

Where to find in-home healthcare support

No matter what kind of in-home care you need, whether it be companionship or in-home nursing care, Hero Home Care has a compassionate care solution for you. Our experienced home care nurses will create an individualized care plan that gives you and your loved one’s peace of mind.

We’ll match you with the perfect caregiver (your home hero) based on your care needs, personality and preferences. We have home care solutions for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Whether you need temporary support or long-term in-home care, we’re here to help.

Book a consultation today to see how we can make your life and the lives of your loved ones better and healthier.